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Strong legal counsel can be vital in the wake of a work-linked injury

We state a truism at Simien & Simien regarded unexpected downsides at the workplace. We note on our long-established Baton Rouge personal injury firm’s website that, “Life can change drastically when are injured at your job.”

That’s sheer understatement, right? For starters, a work-linked injury is something that most people simply don’t ever expect to happen. They are often – and quite reasonably so – overwhelmed by a stark and challenging new reality.

And then there are the accompanying factors that can make an on-the-job injury especially harrowing in its aftermath. Routine workflow is materially disrupted. An accident victim is often required to undergo sustained medical treatment, and sometimes long-term rehabilitation. Creditors don’t respond to life-upending circumstances by suspending payment demands. New uncertainties intimately impact family members and other lives.

And, of course, there is this: It is a virtual guarantee in almost every work-related injury matter that complexity will abound. Workers’ compensation issues will arise, with those being centrally marked by deadlines, process dictates, considerable paperwork and additional exactions. An injured individual will unquestionably deal with an insurance company, which is often a challenging and unpleasant experience.

Injury victims and their families don’t have to deal with those hurdles alone. An experienced legal team with a proven record of pro-victim advocacy in work-related injury matters can provide timely and knowledgeable help geared toward ensuring the maximum receipt of entitled benefits.

Those benefits are broad and varied in Louisiana for an eligible injury victim. They apply to medical costs, disability outcomes, rehabilitation/therapy services and more.

We note our single client focus at Simien & Simien on our website, stressing our empathetic and tested attorneys’ goal of getting individuals “the peace of mind they deserve” following a workplace injury.

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