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Are hidden workplace dangers placing you at risk?

There is a certain amount of risk in any job, even ones that don’t seem like they would be dangerous. These three hidden job dangers may place workers at risk without them even knowing it.

Unsafe noise levels

Construction and logging are professions in which workers generally wear hearing protection. There are other occupations that also pose hearing risks, but people who work in these jobs do not generally wear earplugs, headphones or other protective devices. Examples of such professions include:

  • A restaurant server who works in a loud dining hall for several hours
  • A parking attendant who works around the steady stream of traffic
  • A chef who works around blenders, food processors and other loud kitchen devices all day

Research suggests that prolonged exposure to sounds that are 80 decibels or higher is dangerous. All of the above examples expose workers to noise levels that are at least that high. Without hearing protection, people who labor in such professions could suffer hearing loss.

Exposure to toxic substances

Many occupations could place workers at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and other substances. Asbestos and benzene are well-known causes of serious disease, but something as commonplace as mold could cause serious health problems. Such dangers can lurk unseen in many job settings, especially if buildings are old and not well maintained.

Prolonged periods of inactivity

We all know the dangers of extreme exertion on the job, but did you know that prolonged inactivity can also be dangerous? Sitting in a cramped space for hours on end can result in dangerous blood clots. Airplane pilots and truckers face such risks as they must remain in the cockpit and cab, respectively, for several hours at a time. Anyone who sits in a chair all day is susceptible to developing health hazards associated with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Know your rights

If you have suffered an injury on the job or developed an occupational disease, it is important to understand your legal options. You have rights that are worth protecting.