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Upcoming weekend spells heightened Louisiana roadway risks

An extended summer holiday weekend commences tomorrow in Louisiana and across the country.

It will likely begin and end with a bang.

The Fourth of July annual holiday always does of course, with fireworks cracking for days on end. Legions of people will be focused on fun and revelry for a few special moments.

Unfortunately, drinking sometimes couples with driving during America’s premier summer holiday. That is always a problem, and it will likely be especially acute this year owing to the imminent three-day weekend.

Drunk drivers always pose an outsized threat to occupants in other passenger vehicles, as well as to motorcyclists, bicyclists and passengers. The consequences of behind-the-wheel inebriation are predictable and tragic. This year promises to be no different.

Safety regulators and law enforcers in cities and parishes across the state keenly recognize that and annually take steps to spotlight the dangers linked with drunk driving. Moreover, the DUI deterrence campaigns they recurrently roll out centrally focus on identifying and quickly taking drunk drivers off the roads.

As noted recently in one representative media account (among many others) highlighting the upcoming weekend and linked drinking-and-driving safety concerns, state officials will be conducting multiple enforcement initiatives. One of them – the national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign – will involve police officers and state troopers spanning the state.

Law enforcers take an unyielding approach with compromised motorists they stop, which is a stance greatly appreciated by the general public and other conscientious drivers sharing the road.

The Fourth of July period is a special holiday. We wish all our readers across Louisiana a fun and safe weekend.