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August 2022 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Helping your teen deal with their first crash

It’s been estimated that about one-fifth of all teen drivers are involved in a crash within a year of first getting behind the wheel. A crash – even one that doesn’t result in serious or long-term injuries – can be traumatic for anyone. However, a teen’s first crash can seriously

What do you do if the insurance company is too slow?

After you’re hurt in a serious accident or have a claim for damages to your property, the last thing you need is an insurer that tries to take advantage of you. They do so, but trying to quickly offer you an inappropriate settlement amount or by failing to respond to

Drivers, watch for school buses and children walking

For some parents, the fact that schools are now back in session – or will be soon – is a welcome relief from their children’s refrains of “I’m so bored!” Others may lament that it seems the kids return to school earlier with each passing year. But regardless of where you fall on that

Two words that a ship’s crew never wants to hear

“Man overboard!” These words strike terror in the hearts of every maritime worker. The moment the alert is sounded, they quickly spring into action. Response time is crucial when performing a rescue for a crew member who has fallen overboard. The truth is that falling overboard can happen at the

When is a family member’s passing actually a wrongful death?

Anytime someone close to you dies, it definitely feels wrong. Some people will struggle to accept the reality of their loss, experiencing first denial and, then, profound depression after an unexpected death. Even those who recognize the reality of the situation may struggle to make sense of why their family

How long will you wait for payout on a hurricane insurance claim?

Homeowners in Louisiana frequently carry hurricane coverage because of the terrible storms that can make landfall here. No one can predict the path of a storm, so you never know when you might need extra coverage to protect your home from inclement weather. Whether there is flood damage to your

Common causes of jackknifing collisions

Trucks deliver goods across the state of California and beyond. For the most part, this happens without incident. Unfortunately, there are occasions when collisions occur, and it is generally the smaller vehicle that comes off worst. One of the most notable types of trucking accidents is jackknifing collisions. These occur when