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Drivers, watch for school buses and children walking

For some parents, the fact that schools are now back in session – or will be soon – is a welcome relief from their children’s refrains of “I’m so bored!” Others may lament that it seems the kids return to school earlier with each passing year.

But regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, it is very important to be mindful of the presence of school buses making their frequent stops during the morning and afternoon school runs. Also, there will be children walking near the schools they attend. That, too, presents another safety hazard motorists must avoid.

Morning traffic can clog the surface streets

In the first days and weeks after the start of a new school year, inattentive drivers can miss the dropped arms and flashing lights of school buses stopped to allow kids to board and exit. The mornings are particularly fraught with peril, as that is the same time that many drivers are heading out for their daily work commute.

All it takes for a disaster to occur is a momentary glance down at a cellphone or a coffee cup, diverting the drivers’ eyes and attention from the road. No one wants to injure, or worse yet, kill schoolchildren. But it sadly still occurs.

What to do if your child is injured in an accident

If the worst occurs and your child gets injured in a school bus crash on the way to or from school, you must first make sure they receive the proper medical care so they can heal. But those bills will mount up quickly. You may also need to look into your legal options for seeking redress from those who are liable for your child’s injuries, losses and other damages.