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3 occupations at a high risk of asbestos exposure

Asbestos is a mineral naturally found in the environment and that has long been used in a number of industries. Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration determined that asbestos was a hazard, it has been heavily regulated. That being said, it is still used regularly in the United States

How mesothelioma’s latency period might affect your claim

As most people know, mesothelioma is a very slow-developing disease. Years or even decades can pass between your asbestos exposure and your first signs of illness. In fact, it is not unusual for victims to bring claims of negligence against their old employer 20, 30, even 40 years after they

Are hidden workplace dangers placing you at risk?

There is a certain amount of risk in any job, even ones that don’t seem like they would be dangerous. These three hidden job dangers may place workers at risk without them even knowing it. Unsafe noise levels Construction and logging are professions in which workers generally wear hearing protection.

The top reason there’s a third party responsible for a work injury

Most of the time, workers’ compensation takes care of people who get hurt on the job. As long as you are a direct employee and develop a medical condition or injury while working, workers’ compensation likely covers you. You can get short-term and long-term disability benefits if you can’t work,

OSHA: Worksite safety emphasis must be proactive, constant

Implement strict protocols about workers wearing protective gear around power tools and machinery. Require supervisors to follow up promptly and in accordance with company policies concerning worker illnesses and injuries. Ensure that appropriate safety training is consistently provided to employees. Anticipate workplace risks and promptly address them. That mantra-like list

Louisiana’s oil and gas industry: huge and risk-laden

Is Louisiana’s oil and gas industry important to the state? Does a dog bark? Candidly, it’s hard to even meaningfully address how vital that work sphere is to the state’s bottom line, as measured by virtually any yardstick. Following are some relevant numbers that readily confirm how hard it is

Hurricane seasons brings broad-based risks for many Louisiana workers

Louisiana home dwellers immediately come to mind in virtually any discussion of hurricane risks and adverse outcomes in the state, of course. Federal and state safety regulators want an equally strong focus placed on the perils that state workers in many spheres face when working during and after such storms,

Worksite mishap spotlights regulators’ huge concern with crane safety

State and federal workplace safety officials in Louisiana and nationally routinely express outsized concerns with cranes used in construction projects and the need to keep their operations safe. And for good reason, of course. Cranes are materially complex machines, with huge moving parts that are often on display hundreds of

New findings on traumatic brain injury emerge

Could it largely be about so-called “lymphatic vessels?” Long held in the scientific community to be nonexistent, lymphatic vessels were first identified only recently by researchers at the University of Virginia. The vessels reside in the brain, serving to clean that organ and keep it free of damaging toxins. Continuing

Workplace safety czar spotlights top-tier on-the-job risks

“Throwing good money after bad” is an expression sometimes used to spotlight dollars spent on ventures and programs that have already proven to be failures. According to federal safety officials, that is decidedly not the case regarding funds that American companies expend on training and injury-prevention programs for workers. Consider