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July 2021 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Boating this weekend? Watch out for drunk drivers

Although it’s normal to watch out for drunk drivers on the roads, you may not be as familiar with the risk of being hit by a drunk boater. Drinking alcohol on the water isn’t always treated the same as it would be in a land vehicle, but that doesn’t mean

Sunscreens recalled after dangerous benzene levels detected

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) announced a voluntary recall on July 14 of five aerosol sunscreen products after independent tests discovered they were contaminated with cancer-causing benzene. While five products have been pulled from store shelves, the tests discovered dozens of sunscreens and after-sun skincare products containing detectable benzene levels. Products

Truck drivers get distracted, too: Here’s how

When a truck driver is on the road, your hope is that they’re paying attention and are prepared to safely reach their destination. You expect that they are well-rested and that they don’t have distractions that are keeping them from doing their job well. Unfortunately, distractions are common for truck drivers,