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2 ways to reduce distracted driving

There are all sorts of distractions in the modern world and that can be dangerous for drivers, and distracted driving is a large cause of auto accidents.

While you can’t do anything about other drivers, here’s how you can avoid becoming one yourself and adding to the problem:

1. Put away your phone

You likely have your phone on your right now or, at the very least, know where it is. The instant you hear it ring or chime with a notification, does your attention get drawn to your phone? You aren’t the only one. This is why phones are one of the leading causes of distracted driving. If your phone suddenly rings while you’re driving, your mind, hands and eyes may automatically be drawn to your phone. As a result, you may limit your ability to avoid an accident.

To prevent an accident that’s caused by your phone, you may have a few options. The easiest option is to turn off your phone when you get in your car – that way you don’t know when you’re getting notifications. If that’s too uncomfortable for you, you could instead place your phone in a bag, glovebox or back seat where it’s out of reach, so you can hear your phone but you can’t use it.

2. Eat while you’re parked

One form of distracted driving that people often overlook is eating. Many people eat while driving without realizing that it’s dangerous. They may do this because they are rushing to work, for example, or simply need a hot meal. However, when people eat while driving, they compromise their attention on the road.

Next time you go through a drive-thru, you likely don’t want to drive all the way home or to work only to find that your meal has gone cold. Instead, you should consider finding a parking spot. This way you can enjoy your meal without risking an accident.

While you may be able to prevent yourself from becoming distracted while driving, you can’t prevent others. Because of this, you may be in an accident with a distracted driver and need to know your legal rights to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.