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Workplace safety czar spotlights top-tier on-the-job risks

“Throwing good money after bad” is an expression sometimes used to spotlight dollars spent on ventures and programs that have already proven to be failures.

According to federal safety officials, that is decidedly not the case regarding funds that American companies expend on training and injury-prevention programs for workers.

Consider this, stresses the Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Every buck that a business kicks out in those areas routinely yields as much as a six-fold company benefit.

That’s pretty easy to understand, right? And as OSHA officials state, the equation applies with pronounced force in the country’s construction industry, which has historically ranked high on lists underscoring dangerous occupations.

How dangerous is the construction realm? One industry research center states that the “average” construction worker has a staggering 75% chance of being seriously injured at least once over a working career.

The costs – financial, emotional and otherwise – for an injured employee can of course be off the charts, which is why a meaningful post-injury legal recovery marked by maximum compensation is so often vitally important.

Safety regulators’ close and ongoing scrutiny of the construction industry reveals recurring dangers that pose special risks for workers. OSHA officials release annually a “top 10” list of hazards and underemphasized company safety areas. The list for 2019 prominently includes these familiar entrants:

  • Falls (e.g., from ladders and scaffolding), which perennially outranks other categories on the most-dangerous compendium
  • Inadequate respiratory safeguards
  • Machine-linked injuries
  • Eye/face protection

That bulleted list is just a partial spotlighting of work dangers in the construction industry, of course. Questions or concerns regarding construction realm on-the-job injuries can be directed to a proven and empathetic legal team of personal injury attorneys.