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6 Significant Legal Stories of 2014

There are several legal stories that have been on the verge of erupting throughout 2013, while they are expected to have greater impact in 2014. These legal stories affect millions of Americans each day and will sure to make their presence known in due time. The following includes six significant legal stories of 2014:

  1. Same-Sex Marriage vs. Traditional Marriage: These stories have been gaining momentum in recent times in favor of same-sex marriage, while there continue to be many supporters of traditional and current marriage laws. The reasoning behind this push is that gay couples are saying that marriage discriminates against those who only believe in heterosexual unions.
  2. Obamacare: The Affordable Care Act currently requires insurance agencies to cover birth control at no additional cost. More so, a number of stores are demanding to have a choice weather or not to cover birth control as a result of their moral objections. Many opponents of Obamacare are classifying some forms of Obamacare as abortion, giving employers reason of exemption from the law.
  3. Abortion: It is expected that this huge legal battle will return in 2014, while it has never really gone away. Following the Republican electoral landslides of 2010, several states have tightened restrictions in regards to abortion. We can expect challenges to these laws to begin moving through our court systems and potentially reaching the Supreme Court, at least once, by the end of the year.
  4. Voting Rights: Following the Supreme Court cutting the Voting Rights Act in the Shelby County case, a number of states tightened their laws requiring further identification to vote. The Obama Justice Department would then sue North Carolina and Texas as a result. These cases will begin finding their way through our court system in 2014.
  5. Celebrities: Throughout 2014 there is no doubt we will see a number of celebrity stories including athletes, musicians, and famous politicians.
  6. The N.S.A.: There were several questions in regards to the legality of various surveillance operations throughout 2013, while few of these have been addressed in the court room, and probably will not in 2014 either. This is a result of a set of strict rules limiting the ability of surveillance targets being filed in lawsuits which challenge our government from spying. We will most likely however see this case take place in Congress, however not much is expected to come of it.
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