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Key points workers need to know in wake of job-linked injury

Simien & Simien’s collectively deep legal team vigorously represents workers in multiple American states who suffer debilitating and life-limiting injuries in their workplaces.

As we duly note on the firm’s website, those employment venues are broadly diverse. The public readily perceives that serious on-the-job accidents and injuries regularly occur in industries such as the construction and maritime realms. They just as commonly occur in other employment sectors as well, though, ranging from retail to office work.

The bottom line: American workers of all stripes and employed in virtually every job realm routinely suffer work-related injuries that preclude them from continuing to go about their usual employment activities.

We underscore at Simien & Simien that when such a result occurs, “life can change drastically” for an affected individual and his or her family. Creditors aren’t receptive to income-disruption tales; they care only about – and incessantly insist upon – continued payment on debt obligations.

Satisfying those duties of course becomes problematic following a material job-linked injury. And things only become more challenging and complicated when medical bills start coming in. Simien & Simien spotlights that injured parties often “need rides to doctor appointments, costly medicines, therapy and financial help due to loss of income.”

Proven and empathetic personal injury attorneys can provide timely and critically important help at such a juncture. Workers suffering from on-the-job injuries have multiple and compelling rights under workers’ compensation laws. Moreover, they should know that they can sometimes pursue an additional injury claim against third parties whose negligence or wanton disregard contributed to their health challenges.

Simien & Simien proudly plays a role in their recoveries. We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to apply proven acumen focused upon securing maximum compensation for our valued and diverse clients.