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Prefacing Maintenance and Cure in the Maritime Universe

The Jones Act. General Maritime Law. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Those federal laws, coupled with local and state enactments – especially in a maritime-heavy state like Louisiana – are go-to sources for individuals who are injured on or near the water and seeking legal recourse for personal injuries suffered.

Their compensation-linked odyssey can be marked by a complex interplay of statutory and case-law application. When compared with standard workers’ compensation rules and processes, maritime law legalities relevant to injured workers can be far more nuanced and complicated.

For starters, the injury particulars in any given case can span a huge range of possibilities. We prominently note that on our website at the solidly established Baton Rouge maritime law firm of Simien & Simien (with additional offices in other locales as well to serve clients across the entire Gulf Coast region).

Our deep legal team collectively commands more than a century of aggressive, knowledgeable and results-driven advocacy that is routinely brought to bear on behalf of valued and diverse clients. We spotlight our firm’s diligent representation across the universe of maritime injuries/accidents, noting on our website that claims broadly encompass matters like these:

  • Employer negligence
  • Slip, trip and fall incidents
  • Vessel/rig fires and explosions
  • Toxic chemicals and dangerous substances
  • Equipment failures
  • Lift and transport mishaps

Those outcomes are a constant potential in the vast and varied maritime realm, leading to issues – and sometime challenges – tied to workers’ injury claims and demands for just compensation.

One online overview of maritime law notes that individuals bringing injury claims “are entitled to the right to payment for maintenance, cure and unearned wages.”

We will take a detailed look at those injury elements in an upcoming blog post.