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Understand workers’ compensation before you need it

No matter a person’s job, the chance exists that he or she could suffer injuries or illness as a result of that job. Some people may think that workplace injuries are more likely to occur to people who work in construction or with dangerous machines or materials, and while that may be true, it does not mean that someone working in an office at a desk is immune to harm.

You may not believe that you have an extremely dangerous job, but you do understand that one day that job could leave you suffering. As a result, you likely have some appreciation for the fact that workers’ compensation exists. However, you may not fully understand what it means, who pays for it, and how it helps injured or ill workers.

The basics of workers’ comp

In general, workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that works to protect workers from financial harm after a work-related accident. This insurance can cover medical bills and lost wages that are a result of the injury-causing accident. However, in order to obtain these benefits, you would need to qualify, meaning that you must work for an employer required to have workers’ compensation insurance. You must also show that the accident occurred while you performed work-related duties, among other requirements.

In order for this insurance to cover your medical bills, you would need to see a doctor within the network covered by the insurance. As a result, this may mean that you cannot see your regular doctor. It may be a good idea to gain information ahead of time on the type of coverage your employer has and which doctors may be in-network.

Paying for workers’ comp

Fortunately, workers do not have to foot the bill for workers’ compensation insurance. Various laws exist stipulating the requirements employers must follow when it comes to having this type of coverage, and those laws indicate that the employer must pay the premiums.

Though workers’ comp can certainly be an immense benefit to workers injured on the job, the chance does exist that your application could face delays or denials. If you suffer injuries on the job, you may want to contact a Louisiana attorney experienced in this area of law who could handle the paperwork as you recover and address any issues that may arise relating to your workers’ comp claim.