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Trucking safety convention stalls due to viral pandemic

There is no lack of consensus across America’s sprawling commercial trucking industry that something needs to be done to curb accidents involving big rigs and materially promote the public’s safety.

Conversely, though that same degree of aligned thinking essentially disintegrates when it comes to uniformity of thought concerning precisely how to secure more salutary outcomes.

Still, interested parties – and there are many, ranging from government regulators, safety advocacy groups and technology companies to drivers, truck company owners and more – continue to demonstrate a willingness to talk and make progress.

Notably, no such progress will be made anytime soon, at least as far as expectations were concerned regarding the Truck Safety Summit.

That gathering was slated to occur in mid-March at the headquarters of the United States Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. It was summarily and unexpectedly derailed by a nemesis that has subsequently frozen events and gatherings across the country and presently brought the U.S. to a virtual standstill.

Readers of our personal injury blogs at the long-established Louisiana law firm of Simien & Simien need no background intro to that great national challenge. The material details relevant to the unprecedented COVID-19 viral outbreak are known to all.

As regards the above-cited summit, all plans are now on hold. Its basic thrust will remain the same at any future time/venue. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cites the forum’s goal “to facilitate conversation among trucking industry members who might not normally meet face to face.”

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We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to serve the public during this challenging time. Let us all retain optimism that our continued strong response to the virus will ultimately defeat it and restore the normalcy to which we are accustomed.