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Oil & Gas Gathering Pipelines Creating Problems in Texas

With hundreds of miles of new oil and gas pipelines in Texas, dangerous problems are arising due to lack of regulations. Leaks and pipeline ruptures have forced evacuations and even killed two Texas workers.

Gathering pipelines amass the natural gas or oil drilled from wells. These lines connect to storage tanks or processing facilities that can be located miles away, and transport the collected materials to these locations.

Problems with Oil and Gas Pipelines in Texas

Over the years, gas and oil pipelines have received little attention from regulators. Only a few inches wide, these lines would run through areas that weren’t very populated years ago.

As drilling for oil and gas has become a growing industry, the gathering pipelines have also grown without the watchful eye of regulators. Unregulated Texas pipelines are as large as 36 inches across, and may operate under high pressures.

Texans are also now moving into areas that used to be less populated where the gas lines are installed. The growing population so close to these lines means more people are at a safety risk if these lines are compromised. Clusters of gathering lines have been located in populated suburbs just yards away from shops and homes.

Pipeline Accidents

Serious gathering pipeline accidents have occurred in Texas, causing extensive damage and deaths.

  • In 2010, two workers were killed when a gathering line was hit by a construction crew, working in a remote area of the state.
  • In 2013, a gathering line ruptured, starting a fire that forced dozens of homes in East Texas to be evacuated. The fire cost millions in property damage.

If you have been injured due to an accident caused by an oil or gas pipeline, the attorneys of Simien & Simien can assist you in recovering compensation for damages you’ve incurred.

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