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Final BP Oil Spill Settlement Payments Sent Out, Totaling $520 Million

last month, the court-appointed claims administrator overseeing the BP oil spill settlement announced that the final round of payments will be issued to people and entities that were hit hardest by the 2010 oil spill: seafood businesses and fishermen.

The final round of settlement payments totals $520 million, bringing the total amount of money paid out in settlements to more than $9 billion. Originally, BP expected the settlement program would total $7.8 billion.

The seafood compensation program’s final disbursements will close out the program at $2.3 billion. The claims administrator believes that the funds will provide a major boost to the coastal economy in the Gulf region.

A BP spokesperson stated the corporation is pleased to reach the final payment milestone for the program.

However, some claimants feel the settlement disbursement took too long, including the leader of seafood fishing industry organization GO Fish, who noted that the process began four and a half years ago.

Some in the seafood industry claim they were coerced into accepting quick payments from BP, preventing them from participating in the larger settlement program.

The former BP oil spill claims administrator, who initially began the process, maintains that the approximately 12,000 fishermen who accepted quick payment of $5,000 to $25,000 from mid-2010 to mid-2012 were not eligible for larger settlement sums.

BP projects that the 2010 oil spill will cost the corporation approximately $61.6 billion in cleanup and restoration, penalties, and numerous settlements.

The current claims administrator says the entire settlement program will likely conclude within the next year. He noted that some large business economic loss claims have yet to be paid out.

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