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Are Traumatic Brain Injuries Behind Aggressive Driving?

Have you ever dealt with another driver on the road who was extremely hostile to the point where it seemed like they were trying to start a fight? According to a recent study, there may be a chance that person has suffered some form of brain damage.

If a person has been hospitalized overnight because of a head injury, or lost consciousness after a blow to the head for over five minutes, they probably have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A recent study published in Accident Analysis & Prevention, found that TBI patients may also be predisposed to aggressive driving, commonly referred to as “road rage.”

What Is Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving is willful, risky behavior that puts other drivers, passengers, and property in danger. Below are some driving behaviors which can be considered road rage:

  • Verbal abuse and making threats toward other drivers or passengers
  • Excessive acceleration or braking
  • Tailgating or purposefully following or chasing other drivers
  • Hitting other vehicles on purpose
  • Using the horn or flashing headlights excessively
  • Getting out of your vehicle to initiate a confrontation
  • Fighting and physically assaulting a driver, passenger, or pedestrian
  • Using weapons while driving
  • Trying to damage vehicles by throwing items

Study Links TBIs to Driver Aggression

Dr. Gabriela Illie and her team set out to learn whether there was a relationship between incidents of driver aggression and TBIs. Their goal was to reduce the number of such incidents and make roadway travel safer.

Multiple cognitive processes occur when a driver is on the road; if the driver has experienced a TBI, the brain could be impaired to the point of affecting their driving abilities. A considerable segment of the driving population has experienced a TBI, and Dr. Illie’s study could be utilized to make critical safety changes to protect drivers.

If someone has experienced a head injury, they should be properly screened and undergo any rehabilitation necessary to determine if they are fit to be behind the wheel. Preventative services are also available for those who have suffered a TBI.

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