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Thanksgiving Day Travel Tips

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, people across the country are looking forward to reuniting with their friends and family around the dinner table. What they aren’t looking forward to is the heavy traffic, long waits and the increased risk of getting into a car accident.

In most years, more people choose driving over planes or other forms of transportation, and this year is no exception. Thanks to lower gas prices, there are expected to be even more people driving than any year since 2009.

Below are some Thanksgiving Day travel tips to minimize the hassle of holiday travel and get you into the spirit of gratitude.

  • Be patient, especially if you plan on traveling on Wednesday, November 25. This is the busiest travel day of the year, so be prepared for a heavy traffic and expect long waits.
  • Get to the airport early, especially if you plan on flying on Wednesday. With 36.2 million airport passengers traveling this year, you’ll be way less anxious and stressed.
  • Stay clear of the roadways on Wednesday afternoon in order to avoid the heaviest traffic. It is estimated traffic will be the worst between 3 and 5 P.M.
  • Consider traveling during the early morning or late night, to beat the rush of Thanksgiving holiday travelers. Traveling the morning of Thanksgiving can often be less hectic. If you are flying, the tickets are typically much cheaper as well.
  • Consider alternate driving routes, in order to avoid heavy traffic. Check in with your GPS to look up traffic congestion as well as other alternate driving routes.
  • Be prepared, in case of an emergency. If you are driving, make sure you bring an emergency kit equipped with medical supplies, a blanket, tools and a flashlight. Have your car inspected before going on a long trip. Be sure to check the fluids, tire pressure and fill up the gas tank.

The car accident attorneys at Simien & Simien wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday.