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Oh, no, not again: major SUV safety recall announced

Some Ford vehicles of relatively recent vintage know the inside of company dealers’ repair departments quite well.

And for good reason: They’ve been there multiple times for the same issue.

The auto industry publication Car and Driver spotlights that issue – a serious vehicle malfunction and safety glitch – in a recent article. It notes that the massive auto manufacturer “has a history with rear suspension toe links.”

Many readers of Simien & Simien’s personal injury blog posts might reasonably have no idea what a toe link is, of course. It’s not exactly something that features prominently in vehicle sales or advertising.

If you happen to own a Ford Explorer built between 2011 and 2017, though, you might be able to expound on toe links at length.

And with more than a bit of frustration.

Here’s why: Ford announced earlier this month a massive recall of that popular SUV model manufactured within those years for a second time. Well more than one million call backs were announced last year. The recall earlier this month targets many of the same vehicles, to the tune of 350,000 units.

Louisiana Explorer owners will want to pay due heed to the recall announcement; the SUV is a popular conveyance across the state, and the recall addresses a known safety risk.

That risk has already been linked to adverse crash outcomes in more than a dozen instances. Car and Driver stresses that toe links in rear suspension systems “can corrode and eventually fracture, leading to a driver potentially losing control of a vehicle and crashing.”