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Why are car accidents more common at night?

Most people ask the question, “Why do most car accidents happen at night?” In fact, studies indicate that approximately 49% of fatal car accidents happen at night. There are a number of factors behind this.

The dangers of driving at night are apparent when you think about diminished visibility. Here are some of the reasons why most car accidents happen after nightfall.

Poor visibility

The human vision is generally not at its best at night. Even with the best headlights on, a driver can only see approximately 500 feet ahead. Worse still, street lights, oncoming headlights as well as other sources of light along the road greatly interfere with motorists’ vision. It goes without saying that impaired visibility is a huge problem.

Impaired driving

Driving under the influence is illegal regardless of the time of day. That said, impaired driving-related accidents tend to be common at night since this is when most intoxicated drivers take to the roads after evenings out with friends and family.

Aggressive driving

Speeding, erratic lane changing, tailgating and other aggressive driving behaviors tend to be incredibly dangerous when the driver’s vision is diminished by darkness and external light sources. Specifically, speeding and tailgating give motorists less opportunity to respond to dangerous situations while decreasing their ability to brake or swerve to avoid potential collisions.


Fatigued motorists are likely to doze off while driving. Obviously, snoozing even for a few split seconds behind the wheel is extremely dangerous as you can veer off your lane and collide with an oncoming vehicle.

Driving at any time of day comes with its share of dangers. However, this danger is significantly magnified when you are driving under the cover of darkness. Find out how you can explore your legal options when you are involved in a car accident at night.