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Do you need to cast blame beyond the driver in a truck crash?

If a truck crashes into you, and you are sure you did nothing wrong, then it must be the truck driver’s fault, right?

Yes and no. Sometimes other people contributed to the crash. Ones who were not there when it happened.

Only around 11% of truck drivers are owner-operators. They get to choose which jobs they take. The other 89% drive the schedules that the company they work for programs them to do in the vehicles that the company provides them with.

Why does that matter?

When a company driver injures you, there is a chance you may be able to hold the company responsible, as well as the driver.

Everyone knows that a tired driver is a dangerous driver. If you can show that a haulage firm pushed the driver to work through their rest breaks, take extra shifts, or continue when exhausted, you can argue the firm played a role in the crash.

Remember the truck driver who got sentenced to 110 years for crashing into a bunch of cars when coming down a mountain pass? Many said the trucking firm should never have let him on that route without adequate training in handling a truck in the mountains. If a driver injures you, consider what training the firm gave them and whether they should have assigned a more experienced driver to the trip.

Maintenance is another issue that you may be able to hold a trucking employer responsible for. They need to provide drivers with roadworthy vehicles that are properly maintained.

Getting legal help to explore all avenues will be crucial to claim the considerable compensation you will need if injured by a truck.