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Are self-driving cars safe?

The future is here and it is home to self-driving cars! While this is very exciting, it also could be cause for concern. Our current roadway system was not built for “smart cars.” Despite all of the safety tests that have been done there is no real way to determine how well these vehicles function in traffic without putting them out there in our communities.

As self-driving cars begin to show up beside you on the highway, you may be wondering just how safe are these autonomous vehicles? 

Drivers still need to be engaged

Even though these cars run on autopilot there should always be a licensed driver behind the wheel. They may be tempted to nap or talk on the phone while the car drives itself. However, it is important that they pay attention to what is happening so that they can take over operating the vehicle at a moment’s notice.

Could my self-driving car’s system be hacked?

The short answer is “yes.” Artificial intelligence systems could easily be programmed to damage driverless car systems. This could make it difficult for people to detect onboard problems., resulting in damages that humans would find hard to detect. To prevent such cyber-attacks, carmakers will have to continually monitor and review the software systems in these vehicles.

Who is responsible for an accident?

Lawmakers are working on policies that would help clarify who would be responsible for an accident involving a self-driving car. Currently,  the police and the courts are treating these accidents like they would any other accident. This means that the operator of the self-driving car is responsible for accidents caused by user error. Should you find yourself involved in an accident with a self-driving car seek out experienced legal guidance.