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Working on onshore oil rigs presents plenty of dangers, too

The dangers of working on offshore oil rigs have gained quite a bit of attention in recent years due to some serious accidents. These accidents gain attention due to their size, environmental concerns and the loss of life and injuries involved. While companies ought to address those dangers, the risks of working on onshore oil rigs deserve just as much attention.

If you work in Louisiana’s oil fields, then you know that your work is some of the most dangerous in the state. You face numerous risks each day, and the injuries you and your coworkers could suffer will often change your life forever. With everything that could go wrong during your workday, you may want to know what dangers make up the most common risks you face.

Common onshore oil rig dangers

Serious injuries occur at a higher than average rate on oil rigs. This may not be news to you, but when it comes to your safety, you may benefit from understanding which hazards occur more often so you can plan to avoid them:

  • Fatigue causes people to make mistakes, and when you work eight to 12 hours a day for seven to 14 days at a time, you probably aren’t getting the rest you need in order to avoid making a critical error.
  • Obviously, working with petroleum products comes with the risk of fire, and the statistics show that working in an oil field puts you at a high risk of burn injuries. In addition, the potential for exposure to toxic gases puts your life at risk.
  • The machinery you work with comes with quite a few moving parts and a lot of noise. You risk crush injuries, electrocution and more as you work around and with the machines, and the inability to effectively communicate with others around you could prove disastrous.
  • Depending on the circumstances, your hard hat may not be enough to keep you from suffering serious injuries from tools and other objects dropped by coworkers working above you.

If you are involved in an onshore oil rig accident, you will most likely suffer an injury that prevents you from working or otherwise living your life, even if only temporarily. During your recovery, you probably won’t be able to work, and your medical bills will pile up quickly. Workers’ compensation benefits could help with those financial losses, but obtaining the benefits you need and deserve may not be as easy as you think.

You should have the freedom to focus on your recovery instead of adding to your stress by dealing with the workers’ compensation system. For this reason, you may want to consider working with an attorney who understands your plight and can help you through this difficult time in your life.