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Chevron Shuts Down Gas Pipeline Following a Fatal Work Accident

Chevron Pipeline Co. has shut down a natural-gas pipeline near Louisiana following a workplace accident that left a Chevron Corp. contractor dead and two more with serious personal injuries.

Chevron has not releasChevron Shuts Down Gas Pipeline Following a Fatal Work Accidentsed the names of the workers involved in the accident. The incident occurred in the Gulf of Mexico; the pipeline is part of the Henry Hub distribution system, which is linked to several interstate pipelines.

Shortly after the accident, Chevron depressurized the pipeline and shut it down, they are continuing to depressurize the natural gas gathering line offshore to allow the safe repair of the site. The company has not said how long the line will be down for.

According to the Washington Times, the Louisiana State Police and U.S. Coast Guard started an investigation into the accident on Monday. The incident occurred around 11 a.m., however, state police were not called until 2 p.m. – information that will likely be investigated.

The company believes the accident may have been caused by a valve blowing out on the offshore production platform.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Louisiana had the third highest number of fatal injuries between 2007 and 2011. Thousands more oil and gas workers are injured each year in a workplace accidents.

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