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The work-linked injury realm is varied, expansive

Workplaces are comforting and even empowering venues for legions of Louisiana employees. For starters, they wed skills to a paycheck. They can also help nurture key relationships with other individuals that can last for a lifetime, and often promote workers’ stability and material piece of mind.

In short, meaningful employment is typically underscored by multiple upsides.

Yet that is not the whole picture, especially when it comes to potential and actual work-linked dangers.

Those might seem evident enough in select work environments. Many readers of our website at the proven personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien (with multiple offices in Louisiana) might readily conjure up images from industries that centrally include maritime, construction, agriculture and forestry work.

Those work realms are obviously marked by comparatively outsized risks. That fact alone, though, does not materially set them apart from other seemingly safe work spheres that can also spawn adverse accident/injury outcomes for their employees.

In a nutshell, virtually every work environment in Louisiana and elsewhere can author risks and pose peril for workers. An adverse injury outcome can occur just as easily in an office setting as it can at a busy construction site.

An affected worker’s daily routine can be flatly upended when it does. We note on our website that, “Life can change drastically when you are injured at your job, especially if you can no longer work.”

It is certainly a timely and reasonable move for an injured employee to secure help from an empathetic legal team with a demonstrated record of advocacy on behalf of personal injury victims. Workplace injury claims often yield meaningful remedies via the route provided for by a state’s workers’ compensation scheme.

It is important to note also that, where one or more non-employer parties centrally contribute to a worker’s injury through negligent conduct, an additional remedy can also be pursued through a personal injury claim.

An experienced personal injury legal team can provide further information.