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How do you keep the kids optimally safe in the car?

Precious cargo.

That’s what your children are when riding with you in the car, right?

Candidly, how many times have you simply taken their safety for granted while you’ve been interacting with other drivers in traffic on a Louisiana roadway?

It’s likely that just about every mom and dad has been a bit casual while behind the wheel in ensuring that children along for the ride are maximally protected.

Put it this way: Maybe you forget sometimes to check that your children of the age to wear seat belts are actually properly buckled up when you turn the ignition key. And perhaps you’re not automatic in going through all the requisite safety steps to ensure the fullest protection for your infant or toddler.

That happens. Many parents’ days are filled with lengthy to-do lists and repeat shuttle trips linked with various tasks. A thousand prior trips have been uneventful. What could possibly go wrong now?

You know the answer to that. The road is fraught with risk. We note on our website at the proven Louisiana personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien that, while you might be a conscientious driver, not everyone else is. Accidents happen every day owing to third-party negligence.

When they involve you, you might end up being eternally grateful for your habit of routinely checking on the kids every time before you head out into traffic.

You can’t manage what’s going on inside the vehicles of other motorists who drive carelessly, but you can ensure that your loved ones are optimally protected against other drivers’ behind-the-wheel lapses.