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Lakeland High School Sophomore Killed in Fatal Car Accident

New Year’s weekend ended in tragedy Sunday night when a 16-year-old from Lakeland died in a fatal car crash in Ventress. His 14-year-old passenger was injured and is being treated at a local Hospital.

The accident took place around 12:30 a.m. at Ted Davis Trailer Park in Ventress, when the driver lost control of the car, hit a tree and then overturned. The two boys were both students at Livonia High School. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

The county sheriff reminded young drivers to put safety first when driving by not texting while driving, using their seatbelts and paying attention to the road.

Teen Drivers at Greater Risk

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An average of six teens die every day from fatal car accidents.

Teens also account for about 30 percent of total car accident injury costs, despite only representing 14 percent of the population.

The leading causes of death amongst teen drivers are failure to wear a seatbelt, speeding and intoxicated driving. Overall, the inexperience of teens leads them to underestimate the risks associated with the behaviors.

Causes of Teen Crash Fatalities

  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving with Teen Passengers
  • Nighttime Driving
  • Not Using Seat Belts
  • Impaired Driving
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Speeding & Reckless Driving

If you are a parent of teen driver, please remind them to practice safe driving, and supervise their driving practices for the first year. If you are in need of an auto accident lawyer in Baton Rouge, contact Simien & Simien, LLC today. Our personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation and will work to get you justice.