Benzene Exposure Class Action Lawsuit in Baton Rouge & Lake Charles, LA

Have You Been Led To Believe That Sunscreen And Hand-Sanitizing Products Will Keep You Safe? Take A Closer Look.

Millions of Americans receive strong suggestions from dermatologists and other experts to wear hats and use sunscreen to protect themselves from potential skin cancer. Exposure to the sun increases the risk of melanoma, they hear. Many, then, follow this advice and apply sunscreens for protection during outdoor activities, especially in the summer and in sunny climates. Likewise, many people have relied on hand sanitizers during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 for reassurance of protection from the coronavirus.

What a shock and disappointment it must be, then, for many to learn about the recent scientific news about the dangers of benzene discovered in many sunscreens, after-sun exposure sprays and hand-sanitizing products. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), benzene is a carcinogen that people may be exposed to through “inhalation, skin absorption, ingestion, skin and/or eye contact.” In the words of a 2010 study released by the Annual Review of Public Health, “There is probably no safe level of exposure to benzene.”

Now, many experts believe there is a cause for concern over the safety of numerous sunscreens, post-sun exposure products and hand-sanitizing gels, foams and sprays. Recent laboratory tests have revealed that this dangerous chemical has been found in more than 200 common products of these types.

At the law offices of Simien & Simien, LLC, we are ready to help you respond to this news if you have often used these products and have been diagnosed with leukemia or any other health problems associated with benzene exposure. From offices in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Houston and New Orleans, we serve clients throughout Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi.

Recent Test Results Show The Hazards Of Benzene In Sunscreens And Hand Sanitizers

A Connecticut-based laboratory company, Valisure, after testing sunscreens, hand sanitizers and other similar products, has formally petitioned the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to recall products that have tested high in benzene content. The company released results in the spring of 2021 showing the presence of benzene in products with the following manufacturers and/or brand names:

  • Sunscreens (sprays, lotions and gels) made by Neutrogena, Sun Bum, Fruit of the Earth, Banana Boat, EltaMD, Walgreens and other manufacturers
  • Hand sanitizers labeled artnaturals, huangjisoo, TrueWash, The Creme Shop, Star Wars Mandalorian, Body Prescription, Born Basic and other brand names

It should be noted that some product batches by the same manufacturers did not test positive for benzene. Scientific and industrial experts, therefore, discuss the possibility that the problem may be a “batch-to-batch” issue. According to the media outlet Bloomberg: “It isn’t clear how benzene became present in the products. It may have been introduced during the manufacturing process when germ-killing alcohol is purified.”

Practical And Legal Protections

Consumers deserve to know the truth about what they have been exposed to – and they deserve protection from potential harm, such as developing leukemia, which is a known hazard of exposure to benzene.

The FDA has responded to the news of the recent studies as follows: “[Manufacturers], distributors, repackagers and importers…are responsible for the quality of their products. [The FDA] urges manufacturers to test…ingredients to make sure they are free of contamination [and safe].” Consumers who believe they have been put in harm’s way should consult with an experienced product liability attorney promptly.

Are You At Risk After Benzene Exposure?

Have you often used one of the products listed above to protect yourself from UV rays and/or the coronavirus infection? A conversation with a lawyer can help you prepare to take legal action if appropriate.

To learn about how to protect your rights, contact an attorney at Simien & Simien, LLC. We offer free initial consultations, regardless of your background or circumstances.

How Early Legal Advice Can Guide You On Your Path To Self-Protection And Justice

We can advise you on steps to take to seek compensation if you have been harmed or potentially harmed through the use of any of the manufactured products that have tested positive for benzene content.

Our product liability lawyers have made a name for our firm by helping injured clients recover compensation. We have a strong track record in individual cases as well as class action lawsuits (also called mass torts). It may make sense for you to initiate or join a class action lawsuit to join forces with other consumers who have been affected by the same sunscreen or hand sanitizer products.

Let’s Talk Over Your Options After You Have Been Harmed By Benzene In Sunscreens Or Hand Sanitizers

It is our privilege to be ready to help you determine the best course of action after learning of the recent news releases about benzene, sunscreens, hand sanitizers and cancer risks.

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