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According to crash data from Louisiana State University, our state witnessed 362 fatalities from trucking accidents in 2012, equating to almost one death per day annually. By examining the yearly trend in deaths by vehicle type, it is clear that the percentage of crash fatalities that resulted from truck crashes marginally exceeded those caused by passenger cars, at 40.3% and 39%, respectively.

In 2009, Calcasieu Parish alone had 38 deaths in traffic accidents, which were spread evenly over rural interstates, collecting arterial roads, urban interstates, and local roads. The potential for severe injury and property damage is even more prominent with trucks and large commercial vehicles.

A collision between a passenger car and a truck typically causes more harm to the property and occupants of the smaller vehicle, and Lake Charles motorists must be careful to drive defensively to avoid truck accidents.

Have you or someone you love been injured in a Lake Charles truck collision? If so, you may be eligible for compensation based on the pain and suffering you experienced following the crash. The physical and mental anguish victims of truck accidents experience can last for years or alter their lives forever.

The personal injury lawyers of Simien & Simien understand the pain and frustration that accompanies truck accidents, and we can help guide injury victims through the legal process effectively and with compassion. We will always fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation due to our clients in a court of law.

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Each traffic accident has its own set of unique contributing factors, but typically there are a number of behaviors or circumstances that repeatedly cause or exacerbate accidents. It only takes one driver’s negligence to cause a wreck, but if both drivers are not focused on the task at hand, the consequences can be dire.

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Careless or reckless driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue, or hours of service
  • Driver inexperience with particular class of truck
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Poor visibility, or bad weather
  • Vehicle is unsafe, or was improperly inspected
  • …to name a few.

Truck drivers are not only responsible for their behavior, as passenger car drivers are, but they are also responsible for the safety and compliance of their rig. Overloaded cargo, malfunctioning or improperly inspected vehicle parts can be an added hazard to motorists who share Lake Charles roadways with large commercial vehicles.

How to Avoid a Truck Collision

Defensive driving is a crucial aspect of staying safe, but when traveling alongside a truck, there are other tips to keep in mind. The weight and cumbersome shape of these vehicles make it difficult for them to maneuver to avoid an accident, and sometimes they cannot see vehicles as they pass.

The following tips should be kept in mind when sharing the road with trucks to help avoid an accident:

  • Watch the truck’s mirrors- if you can’t see them, they can’t see you
  • Signal for an extended period of time to ensure they see you
  • Allow extra room between the vehicle and truck when changing lanes
  • Never try to pass a truck on the right as they turn left- they sometimes make wide turns

Though it is impossible to eliminate the potential for an accident, it is smart to exercise caution and patience when traveling alongside a truck.

In the event you are involved in a truck accident, the first priority is always to seek medical attention for any possible injuries that you or the passengers may have sustained upon impact. Following treatment, seeking legal counsel from a reputable Lake Charles attorney can help you fight for your rights and recover compensation that may be owed to you from the accident.

Truck driver negligence is a serious offense, and if you or someone you loved was hurt or killed because of the reckless actions of a commercial vehicle operator, reaching out to a lawyer could be your best course of action to bring the negligent party to justice.

Contacting Our Lake Charles Truck Accident Lawyers

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