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What damages can I recover after my 18-wheeler accident?

A car accident with another passenger vehicle can cause serious physical injuries to the victims. An accident between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck, like an 18-wheeler, can result in catastrophic injuries with a lifetime of consequences.

A catastrophic injury can come in the form of paralysis, permanent scars or burns, loss of limb, or even loss of life. A severe accident can cause a victim to rack up thousands of dollars in expenses, but how can they recover funds to pay for those expenses?

Types of compensation

The compensation for a personal injury is supposed to cover more than just the first hospital bills you receive. An experienced personal injury attorney can help negotiate for the full compensation that covers all of the costs that comes with an accident involving a truck accident, including:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • The cost of modifying a home for a new disability
  • The cost of relocating to accommodate a new disability
  • Lost income during injury and recovery
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of life enjoyment

Insurance companies will often try to convince a victim to accept a low-ball settlement offer as an effort to save money on their part. If you are ever unsure of whether or not you are facing a fair settlement, let an attorney help you evaluate your situation and determine what course of action best protects your needs.

You do not have to settle for less

Insurance companies would have you believe they are on your side in the pursuit of your compensation. When it comes time to give you a check for your injuries, however, their needs will come first for them. Let a lawyer help you maximize your compensation to reflect all of your costs from an accident and not just the first ones.