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What is notably different about accidents involving large trucks?

We submit at the proven personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien (with offices in Baton Rouge and additional locations) that the definitive answer to today’s above blog headline query is eminently short and direct.

In a word, it is this: everything.

Indeed, law enforcers, insurers, safety regulators and certainly established personal injury attorneys know from long experience that the wake of virtually any crash involving a large truck will yield comparatively outsized – and often tragic – consequences.

That is readily understandable. Big rigs like tractor trailers can seem like whales on wheels. They are many times the size and weight of passenger vehicles they share the road with. A car can stop relatively quickly, whereas an 18-wheel behemoth can traverse hundreds of yards to even slow its speed appreciably. Commercial rigs operate with notably large blind spots. Their drivers are often fatigued and under intense scheduling pressures. Required maintenance on big rigs is sometimes tardy or inexcusably faulty.

Those factors – both individually and collectively – spawn accidents that routinely yield dire outcomes for individuals and families traveling in other vehicles.

The aftermath of such crashes is often marked by high complexity and variously offered interpretations of “truth.” Truck companies, maintenance providers, insurers and additional parties will stress scenarios that seek to limit or altogether erase their liability for the often tragic downsides resulting from an accident.

Personal injury victims in crashes involving third-party negligence need timely, proactive and knowledgeable legal advocacy that demands full accountability and fully promotes their interests. A recovery yielding maximum compensation can defray medical expenses, recoup lost wages, pay for property damage, ensure future family support and help victims and their loved ones in additionally relevant ways.

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