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Two Students Fatally Injured in Houston School Bus Accident

Two students were fatally injured in a school bus accident on the 610 South Loop in Houston, Texas on Tuesday morning.

Around 7 a.m., a Houston Independent School District (HISD) school bus was headed east on the 610 South Loop when a late-model Buick LaSabre headed in the same direction struck the driver’s side of the bus.

According to the driver of the Buick, who is an HISD teacher, she thought another car was drifting into her lane, which caused her to veer into the bus’s lane. Unfortunately, her reaction resulted in disastrous consequences.

The school bus driver overcorrected after being hit, swerved to the right and into the guardrail which caused it to flip over the rail. Witnesses said the bus’s front end plunged over the guardrail and then fell onto its side on Telephone Road.

The school bus was carrying four students at the time of the crash and headed toward Furr High School and REACH Charter High School, which is located on Furr’s campus.

Two of the students and the school bus driver were taken to local hospitals. One student died at the scene while the other passed away at Memorial Hermann Hospital. The victims were 17 and 14-years-old, respectively.

Louisa Pacheco, the school bus driver, is in stable condition and was released from the hospital on Tuesday. Pacheco has a clean driving record and has been driving for HISD for three years.

The school bus was equipped with seven security cameras. Footage is currently being reviewed as part of the accident investigation.

Grief counselors were at the school on Tuesday to help students and staff deal with this terrible tragedy.

The lawyers at Simien & Simien express their deepest condolences to all the families affected by this school bus accident.

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