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Suspected Hit & Run Driver in Custody

Law enforcement officials believe they have the driver and automobile in custody involved in a hit and run accident that left Troy Jacobson of Baton Rouge dead on Sunday evening.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, the hit and run happened near the College Drive exit ramp on I-10 East around 10:15 p.m. Law enforcement officials stated that the driver has been identified as Carl McKnight, who borrowed his roommate’s car Sunday evening. He explained to police officers that he was scared and did not want to go to jail, so he drove off after he struck Jacobson with the vehicle.

Following the accident, McKnight allegedly called the owner of the automobile, his roommate Eric Abrams, and explained to him what occurred. Abrams then reported the accident to his insurance agency and reported his vehicle had been involved in an accident and needed repairs.

The two men proceeded to take the car to Champs Collision on Siegen Lane, where employees noticed the vehicles damage was consistent with the injuries and the collision which occurred on Sunday evening. Employees notified the police and stalled the two men until the police arrived.

Detectives later confiscated the Honda Accord found at Champs collision and arrested the two men. While the men were being put into the police car, McKnight faced the cameras and said “I just want to say that I apologize and I am sincerely sorry. God bless.”

At the time of the Baton Rouge car accident, a couple staying at a nearby hotel said they heard a loud noise then saw a man flying in midair, then the car sped off. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

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