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Driver Cited After Striking Student Getting Off the Bus

Hoyt Norwood has been cited for failing to yield and operating a vehicle with a suspended license after striking a seven-year-old girl while she was getting off the school bus on Monday afternoon

The accident occurred on highway 67 north of highway 959 in East Feliciana Parish. Norwood was driving his SUV northbound on Highway 67 when he failed to yield to the school bus in front of him.

The young victim was taken to the hospital and suffered moderate to serious injuries; her name has not been revealed due to her age.

Thousands of students have gone back-to-school in the past few weeks. The car accident attorneys at Simien & Simien would like to remind drivers that is important to be on high alert during this time. Here are some more back-to-school safety tips for drivers and students:

For students:

  • Wait for the school bus on the sidewalk and avoid being too close to the curb
  • Never cross the street behind the bus
  • When crossing in front of the bus, walk about a dozen steps in front of the bus so that the driver can see you
  • When walking home, always walk on the sidewalk; if a sidewalk is not available, avoid walking too close to the road
  • Obey all crosswalk signs and do not dart out in front of traffic, even if you’re on a bicycle

For drivers:

  • Motorists are required to stop for a bus picking up or dropping off students unless the bus is stopped in opposite lanes of a roadway separated by a median
  • Drivers should always stop at least 30 feet behind a school bus when the stop-arm and lights are flashing
  • Decrease your speed around school zones

If you or someone you love has been injured in a school bus accident, the victim may be entitled to file a claim for damages. Our attorneys offer free legal consultations and can help you determine what your legal rights us.

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