Property Damage

Louisiana contains a large amount of natural resources which are routinely removed from the land. Oil, gas, sulphur and salt are all naturally occurring in the beautiful and varied environments of our great state. Whether by excavation or drilling, the removal of these resources can sometimes create destruction to property and the environment through unintended means.

The property damage from the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill of 2010 is still being calculated, which subjected Louisiana’s Gulf coast waters to over 62,000 leaked barrels of oil each day, or 19 times as much oil as was spilled by the disastrous Exxon-Valdez in 1989. The amount of toxic waste that environmental disasters produce can have catastrophic effects on the surrounding areas, and to the property of those who live there.

If you or someone you love experienced property damage from an environmental accident, the negligent party could be responsible for any injuries or damage you sustained. The legal team of Simien & Simien will always fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation due to our clients and we defend their rights will compassion and competence in a court of law.

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Types of Property Damage

When environmental pollutants are spilled into the community they typically affect the air or the water supply. The BP oil spill, as an example, contaminated the Gulf and the full effects of those toxins are still not completely known, but are expected to last for years. Home and business owners can experience destruction to property in a number of ways.

The following are examples of property damage incurred because of negligent handling of environmental disasters:

  • Damage or destruction of livestock
  • Toxic mold
  • Contamination of groundwater
  • Water leaks
  • …to name a few.

Not only does property damage cause loss of income for business owners and place financial strain on homeowners, the effects of these damages can have serious health implications for inhabitants. Strains of toxic mold such as stachybotrys or aspergillus can cause bronchitis, neurological damage, asthma and other conditions that require long term care and treatment.

Filing a Claim

Once destruction to your property occurs, follow these steps to file a claim for damages related to your losses:

  • Attain samples and analyses of relevant damage
  • Consult with a toxicologist for an interpretation of the data
  • Present the reports to an experienced environmental damages law firm for an opinion on the strength of the case
  • Also provide the information to a real estate appraiser with knowledge of contaminated sites
  • Your attorney will prepare the case for trial

If you believe your groundwater to be contaminated, contact your local health department for assistance. Additionally, contact the state’s environmental agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to report the issue. Contact an attorney immediately afterward if you believe your health to be compromised, and record any visible destruction to property as quickly as possible.

How we Can Help

Environmental law is a broad area of law encompassing a variety of claims. By working with a skilled environmental legal team, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your lawyers have the experienced of dealing with state and federal statutes directly relating to your claim. Prior experience dealing with the Louisiana Department of Health and the federal Environmental Protection Agency give our environmental property damage lawyers a tremendous reputation throughout many parts of the country.

Contacting Baton Rouge Environmental Property Destruction Lawyers

As oil, gas, and other industries continue to look to Louisiana to provide the nation with the resources it needs, more and more families and businesses will be at risk of suffering from property damage caused by environmental disasters.

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