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2016 Had the Highest Number of Traffic Deaths Since ’07

That is the largest two-year increase in traffic deaths since 1964, and the deadliest year on our nation’s roadways in a decade.

An NSC survey released last month suggests that risky driving behaviors could be one of the main reasons for the increase in traffic deaths.

The survey found:

  • 64 percent of drivers said they are comfortable speeding
  • 47 percent admitted to texting, either manually or using voice controls
  • 13 percent admitted to driving while impaired by marijuana
  • 10 percent said they drove after drinking too much alcohol

Drivers admitted to engaging in these behaviors even though 83 percent of them agreed with the idea that driving is a safety issue.

Preventing Fatal Car Accidents

Americans believe we are helpless to fight this epidemic of traffic fatalities, according to the president of the NSC, Deborah A.P. Hersman.

However, Hersman says that we know what needs to be done to reduce traffic deaths, we just need to do it.

That is why her organization is calling for immediate implementation of life-saving strategies, including:

  • Requiring ignition interlocks for all drivers convicted of drunk driving
  • Updating seat belt legislation from secondary to primary enforcement
  • Expanding laws that ban cellphone use to include all drivers
  • Reinstating or passing new legislation that requires motorcycle riders to wear helmets
  • Implementing pedestrian safety programs
  • Accelerating the addition of automotive safety features to cars, including blind-spot monitoring, adaptive headlights, and emergency braking systems
  • Using a three-tiered licensing system for new drivers under age 21

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