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5 mistakes truckers make that have devastating consequences

No one is a perfect driver; we have all made a mistake or bad decision. Often, we are lucky, and these missteps don’t result in any harm. However, that is not always the case, particularly when the person who makes a mistake is operating a massive truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds.

When a truck driver makes a mistake, he or she can cause a catastrophic truck accident, so it is vital for truckers to drive safely. Unfortunately, too many of them make mistakes, including:

  1. Driving too long – Driving too long can make people very tired, and drowsy drivers are dangerous. As such, truck drivers must comply with Hours of Service regulations, which restrict the amount of time a trucker can drive in a period. However, some drivers falsify their records to drive beyond the allowable limit, which can increase the risk of drowsy driving.
  2. Driving without securing proper permissions – Operators of commercial vehicles must have a commercial driver’s license. They must also pass a physical, be at least 21 years old, attend truck driving school and have a good driving record. Those who do not meet these criteria should not be driving a commercial truck.
  3. Violating traffic laws – Truck drivers who speed, ignore traffic signals, follow others too closely or engage in unsafe passing can cause an accident.
  4. Using drugs or alcohol – In an effort to stay awake or combat boredom, some truckers use drugs or alcohol behind the wheel. This can make them slow to react, unpredictable and reckless on the road.
  5. Ignoring trucking regulations – Truckers who fail to inspect and maintain vehicles properly, stay on authorized roads, or secure cargo are in danger of causing an accident.

When truckers make these types of risky decisions, they don’t just put their own lives in danger; they endanger the lives of everyone around them, as well. As such, it can be crucial for victims of truck crashes to hold the parties responsible for the accident accountable.