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A driver’s speed can change everything in an accident

When accidents occur, leaving drivers and passengers with serious injuries, you may hear many of the popular causes for those accidents. For example, one driver may have been texting, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or driving while drowsy. These specific dangers get a lot of media attention, and rightly so. However, the common factor that causes many accidents, and which often increases the severity of injuries, is speed.

Speeding is a relative term, since you may be driving at the posted limit but still be taking a risk if conditions are bad, such as rain, fog or road construction. There is no question, however, that the unreasonable speed of other drivers places you at risk of catastrophic injuries if you should collide.

Why speed kills

Last year, nearly 9,400 travelers died on U.S. highways because a driver was going too fast. You may be aware that drivers do not always exceed the posted limits because they are running late. In some cases, they simply feel invincible behind the wheel, they love the rush of speed or they don’t believe the limits should apply to them. There are also many instances where a driver is speeding as an outlet for road rage, and this brings additional risk to you and other travelers.

Even accidents that involve drunk drivers often result in more severe and life-threatening injuries when speed is a factor. Driving too fast can lead to any of the following consequences:

  • A driver is more likely to lose control of a vehicle when speeding.
  • When a vehicle collides with yours at great speed, your safety systems and protection equipment are less likely to be effective.
  • It takes considerably longer for a driver to bring a vehicle to a stop when driving at a high rate of speed.
  • Accidents that result from speeding often involve much higher financial costs.
  • Speed-related accidents typically result in more fatalities and life-altering injuries than accidents where drivers were obeying the speed limits.


If you or a loved one have been the victim of an accident caused by a speeding driver, you understand the implications. You may be facing years of recovery from your injuries or the tragedy of saying goodbye to a loved one who died in the accident. You may have questions about how to hold accountable those who were responsible for the accident, and you may find those answers when you reach out to a Louisiana attorney who will place your best interests first.