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Ashley Philen Honored in List of “Women Making a Difference”

Simien & Simien’s very own Ashley Philen was featured in the June issue of Acadiana Lifestyle. Philen was recognized as part of a group of women making a difference in the community.

The list of “Women Making a Difference” is in its 14th year. Each year, eight women who are working to create a stronger and more progressive community are honored.

Along with her work as “of counsel” at Simien & Simien, Philen has launched a nonprofit, Love Louisiana, LLC, which she is being honored for in Acadiana Lifestyle. The nonprofit is a way to give back to the community.

Throughout her career, from working in an inner city school to handling environmental contamination cases, Philen has seen how important it is to help others in disadvantageous situations. In the magazine she explains that Love Louisiana is “…a way to give back to the community and be able to see the benefits and not just hope it’s going to a worthy cause.”

At the Sugarcane Festival in 2015, Philen set up a tent and gave away free sandwiches, candy and soda. Her daughter has greatly influenced how she thinks of the future and how she would like to see the nonprofit grow.

“I would love for Love Louisiana to be something that reaches beyond New Iberia so that I could do more for anyone in need.”

Another Simien & Simien employee was also listed in the magazine in a section commending women making strides in business. Vicki Braud is a veteran legal assistant who currently works with Ashley Philen at the New Iberia office.

The personal injury lawyers and support staff at Simien & Simien are extremely proud to have both these woman as part of our legal team. Their continued work and support has allowed the firm to continue on its successful journey.

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