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BP Ordered to Pay Gulf Disaster Funds Administrator $130 Million

Administrator Patrick Juneau will receive the necessary $130 million to continue to fund the BP oil spill settlement program for the 2010 disaster.

BP claims official Maria Travis admits that the company’s settlement program is problematic, and the magistrate that ordered the settlement payout recognized that BP has concerns about Juneau’s handling of the budget.

U.S. Magistrate Sally Shushan ruled that BP must pay the $130 million to Juneau for the settlement program’s third-quarter budget, but BP complains that Juneau has not officially or appropriately requested those funds.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has caused problems for the residents and economies of the surrounding areas since day one. If you or someone you know were harmed because of the spill, or contamination relating to the spill, contact a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer with experience in the BP oil disaster.

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