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Car Ends Up in Kenner Canal Due to Poor Visibility

Every day, there are thousands of car accidents in the United States. The causes can include a host of issues stemming from driver negligence, but sometimes can be caused by poor road conditions or a defect in the vehicle. When someone dies in an accident, it is always a tragedy. But when that tragedy was entirely preventable, it can only make it that much more difficult for the victim’s loved ones.

This Sunday, a 24-year-old man in Kenner, Louisiana, was pronounced dead after his vehicle veered of the 1100 block of Joe Yenni Boulevard and crashed into Kenner Canal. The police are still investigating the possible causes of the accident, but are currently blaming speeding and poor road conditions due to heavy rain. There have been several car accidents in similar canals in the area, resulting in drowning fatalities. Although there has been a discussion about erecting barriers, no action has been taken yet.

Accidents due to poor road conditions are quite common. Poor road conditions can include improper design, poor maintenance as a result of government negligence, or just a case of bad weather. Although weather does not get the same attention as driving while intoxicated or distracted driving, the Federal Highway Administration released a study showing 17 percent of crash fatalities and 23 percent of vehicle crashes were weather-related accidents.

If you are driving on wet or icy roads, remember to slow down and give yourself more room to stop for vehicles in front of you. Generally, roads are slickest during the first few minutes of a rainstorm when oil and other sediment float to the top. In cases of severe rain where visibility is affected, it is often best to pull over at a safe parking spot and wait until the storm subsides. Remember to always keep your lights turned on in poor visibility conditions to help other drivers see you.

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