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Deadline for Filing BP Settlement Claim Set for June 8

This year will mark the beginning of what many residents and business owners hope will be the end of the BP saga. People and businesses who lost money because of the 2010 oil spill have until June 8 to file a claim.

The deadline was extended in April 2014 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Additionally, even companies that previously had their claim denied may be eligible to re-file if their case had previously been decided by the now-defunct Gulf Coast Claims Facility – an entity that was operated by BP after the spill.

Businesses who have financial statements that can show a loss for at least a three-month period after the spill may be eligible for compensation. This deadline, however, does not apply to seafood-related businesses as BP made separate business related claim settlements with the industry.

Some types of businesses that may be eligible to file a claim include gas stations that are not associated with the BP brand, retail outlets and restaurants. Some businesses excluded in the BP settlements include banks, insurance companies and casinos. However, for those that are eligible, a settlement may be received within a year.

According to the claims office website, more than 203,000 claims have been submitted, of those, nearly 90,000 were businesses claiming financial loss.

Many times businesses will also have to show that one year after the spill, their business had slightly bounced back, meaning their losses specifically occurred during the time of the spill and clean-up process. Applicants in some areas that were further away from the spill may even have to prove they suffered steeper losses.

Although the claims can be submitted online, an attorney can help determine what your losses were as well as prove that the losses occurred as a result of the spill.

At Simien & Simien, we understand the destruction that can occur to our environment and local community as a result of oilfield spills. If you or someone you love has suffered land damages as a result of a negligent oil company, we can help you get the justice you deserve.