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Ignition Switch Fatality Claims Reach 124 – But What About Those Whose Claims were Denied?

General Motors has finally completed processing the 4,342 claims it received for the company’s faulty ignition switch; 124 deaths and 266 injury claims were accepted.

According to Kenneth Feinberg, who was heading up the claims process, approximately 80 percent of the claims were deemed ineligible and 453 were deficient in information.

About 280 claimants have received offers from the company; 209 offers have been accepted while six were rejected. Those who lost a loved one are being offered compensation of at least $1 million.

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Those who have deficient claims have until July 31 to provide supporting documents. Items such as documentation of a hospital stay, repair records or photos are needed to determine the amount of compensation the victim may be offered.

However, of the claims that are deemed deficient, approximately 24 are claims brought forward by families who lost a loved one.

Unfortunately, despite resolving dozens of claims, General Motors is facing backlash from those who believe they should be compensated. When the company agreed to compensate victims killed or hurt as a result of the defective ignition switch, the fund only covered 2.59 million vehicles with a specific flaw.

However, a similar defect has led to the recall of 10 million vehicles. As a result of the company’s decision to cover less than three million of all vehicles recalled, many victims and families are ineligible for compensation.

Some families have decided to sue General Motors in an effort to receive some form of justice. One woman, whose husband died in an accident when the Chevrolet Malibu he was driving malfunctioned, settled her lawsuit with General Motors for $521,000.

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