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Distracted Teen Drivers Get a Boost from Technology

A 2011 study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationdemonstrates that 21 percent of teenage drivers involved in fatal auto accidents were using a mobile phone. Fortunately, there is new technology being developed which may help keep teen drivers safer on our roadways.

There have been several apps created to enable parents to monitor their child’s phone, and even eliminate mobile phone usage while driving. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified 25 percent of teens responding to text messages each time they drive, these applications could help to reduce and eliminate these horrifying percentages.

The following apps can be used to prevent your teens from texting and driving:


This app can be installed into your teenager’s vehicle and will limit their ability to send text messages, talk on the phone, email, and use other apps while driving.

The Canary

This app is installed into your teen’s mobile phone and will alert parents whenever their child is sending a text message, using Facebook, or Tweeting.


This app enables parents to monitor every activity on their child’s phone, and is recommended for parents who care less about their child’s privacy.

DriveMode and Drive First

This app was created by AT&T and sends customized automated messages when the driver exceeds 10 mph.

While these apps are excellent options to prevent teens from using their mobile devices while driving, it is also recommended to teach our children about the dangers of texting and driving, while making sure they understand all of the consequences.

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