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Do I Need to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you were injured on the job or diagnosed with a work-related illness or medical condition.

However, the process of filing a workplace injury claim is complicated and time-consuming. This is why you should strongly consider working with a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney in Baton Rouge who can guide you through every step of the process and fight for all of the compensation you deserve.

How Will a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Benefit Me?

The workers’ compensation claims process has strict requirements. Injuries must be reported within 30 days of when they first occurred or when the worker was informed of the condition by a physician. There are a variety of other forms that must be completed and submitted within certain timeframes.

One of the advantages of having a skilled attorney representing you is that he or she will see you through the process, making sure requirements are met and forms are submitted on time. This might help improve your chances of receiving the workers’ compensation benefits you may be entitled to.

There are many other ways your attorney can help with your Louisiana workers’ compensation claim, including:

  • Gathering the evidence needed to support that your injury or illness stems from the workplace, and has damaged your life and ability to work now and in the future
  • Negotiating your workers’ compensation settlement to try to recover all of the compensation you deserve based on the extent of your injuries, disability status, lost wages and lost earning potential
  • Representing you at hearings or a trial and through the appeals process if needed
  • Advising you about pursuing a third-party claim outside of the workers’ compensation system, which may be an option if another party besides your employer contributed to your injury, such as a contractor or product manufacturer

Is Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Always Necessary?

There are some situations where you probably will not need an attorney to recover the benefits you are entitled to. For example, if you have minor injuries and a fair settlement or benefits are offered, the process may be simple enough to handle on your own.

However, there are many other situations that are very difficult to deal with on your own and you would benefit greatly from having an attorney. You should strongly consider working with an attorney if:

  • Your claim is denied – Insurers may deny claims by stating injuries or illnesses were pre-existing and not work-related, are not severe enough, or that the injury did not occur on the job or while performing normal work duties. When this happens, your lawyer can represent you throughout the appeals process.
  • You were offered a low settlement – Your attorney will accurately estimate the value of the claim to negotiate a fair settlement that covers your medical costs and lost wages.
  • You cannot go back to work or perform regular duties – Your attorney will work to prove your temporary or permanent disability and that you qualify for these disability benefits.
  • You receive Social Security Disability benefits – These benefits may be reduced by workers’ compensation benefits if your settlement is not structured to your advantage.
  • You were retaliated against for filing a claim – If you were fired, demoted, physically or verbally attacked, or received unfair, negative evaluations for filing a workers’ compensation claim, your attorney will protect you and work to try to prevent illegal retaliation from hurting your current and future employment.

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