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DOT Taking Small Steps to Stop Congestion Along La. 1

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DODT) intends to review signal timing throughout the La. 1 corridor amid complaints of daily congestion.

Specifically, along with the La. 1 and the Mississippi River Bridge on Interstate 10, drivers often find themselves moving along very slowly. The DODT is working with traffic engineers to figure out how to get a handle on the congestion. They have expanded the Baton Rouge Regional Motorists Assistance Patrol and Tow program into certain sectors of West Baton Rouge to help with stalled vehicles and accidents that contribute to some the congestion.

Two measures also gained approval from state lawmakers during the most recent legislative session, both of which could help the traffic problems along La.1. One study will look at the development of a four-lane highway between Interstate 10 near Port Allen and La. 1 south. Another will look at the feasibility of building a bridge that would connect La. 1 and La. 30.

According to the DOTD, signal timing could help engineers determine what improvements can be made to fix the traffic flow and they will be encouraging drivers to use the U.S. 190 Bridge as an alternate. Additionally, the DOTD is hoping to improve communications and notify motorists of expected travel times using variable message signs along La. 1 northbound.

Although many motorists are aware of the problems on this road, the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board expressed their concerns about school buses stuck in traffic. Specifically, the school board is worried about a bus being stuck in traffic if a child on board is having a medical issue.

Despite the DOTD’s plans, many motorists believe that the congestion issue stems from merging issues and a need for widening the highways.

Traffic congestion is a common cause of motor vehicle accidents as motorists weave in and out of lanes, becoming distracted and often tailgate when frustrated. If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident caused by a careless driver, the car accident lawyers at Simien & Simien can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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