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DUI risks are comparatively outsized for Louisiana drivers

Simien & Simien’s deep legal team of pro-victim personal injury attorneys have seen the gamut of accident causes over the firm’s quarter century-plus advocacy for injured clients.

We spotlight a few of those core catalysts on our website, noting crash-inducing factors such as these:

  • Behind-the-wheel recklessness (from speeding and tailgating to persistent lane weaving and failure to signal)
  • Driver neglect in keeping an automobile reasonably maintained and safe
  • Road defects ranging from faulty design to unsafe construction zones
  • Distracted driving (everything from texting to grooming)

And then there is this too, of course, which perhaps spells the most immediate threat and biggest nemesis of all: drunk drivers.

Conscientious Louisiana motorists are duly on the lookout for inebriated drivers on the road, but they might well fail to fully appreciate the scope of the danger they pose.

One study underscores it. The company SafeWise extrapolated relevant data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and recently released concerning news regarding the number of drunk drivers motoring down state roadways. SafeWise states that Louisiana was on a most unenviable list in 2018. Reportedly, the state ranked 9th highest in the country that year for crash fatalities involving drunk driving. And it ranked scarcely better the year before, being ranked 10th in 2017.

That is duly alarming, of course, and hopefully not indicative of a trend.

Louisiana motorists have an absolute right and justified expectation that they and their passengers can traverse state roadways without a threat from drivers in close proximity who are driving drunk.

Persons having questions or concerns regarding injuries suffered due to third-party behind-the-wheel negligence (drunk driving or any of the other enumerated bullet points above) can reach out for counsel and representation to attorneys at a proven personal injury law firm.