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Flooding Leads to Major Pothole Concerns in Livingston Parish

As victims from the flood damage in Livingston Parish clean up their homes, they are now noticing another problematic issue in their neighborhood. Roads have washed away in certain areas, creating potholes that can damage vehicles.

Crews at Livingston Parish Department of Public Works are hard at work repairing potholes in Killian, Watson, Springfield and Albany. A pothole patching truck and three dump trucks have been sent out to resolve the pothole issue. Residents hope the rain will stop so the Department of Public Works can finish these repairs by next week. The department also plans to meet with FEMA to discuss possible reimbursement for money spent on storm related repairs.

Roadways incurring pothole damage have been a major concern in recent years, not just for the Livingston Parish, but throughout the U.S. In fact, pothole damage costs drivers approximately $3 billion annually.

John Neilsen, AAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair says that American drivers report paying $300 on average to fix pothole related vehicle damage.

AAA has also been vocal in urging state and local governments to prioritize funding for roadway maintenance so vehicle damage from issues like potholes can be reduced.

In the meantime, AAA advises drivers to reduce the risk of pothole damage by following these tips:


  • Stay alert on roadways by scanning roads and increasing distance from other vehicles
  • Make sure that tires are properly inflated and have adequate tread depth


If a pothole is unavoidable, drivers should:

  • Slow down
  • Release brakes
  • Try to straighten steering before striking a pothole

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