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Is there a generalized “default” law relevant to maritime injuries?

Louisiana workers employed in the state’s vast maritime commercial realm know intimately well from hard-earned experience that their industry is a comparatively complex employment sector.

Put another way: The sheer range of jobs in the maritime industry is flatly unrivaled in many other work spheres. Some individuals work in highly varied positions on vessels or offshore oil rigs. Other are employed in harbor/dock positions. Still others work shoreside.

The bottom line: There is considerable complexity attached to maritime work positions and duties.

The same applies to the laws that centrally govern maritime workers’ injury claims, which is a truth that responds directly to the above headline query in today’s blog post.

In a word, they are complex. Moreover, they are multiple. We prominently note at the long-established Baton Rouge maritime law firm of Simien & Simien that “there are three federal laws that protect employees who work on or near the water.” One or more of those laws might apply to an injury claimant in a given case.

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We deeply respect the fundamental role that maritime workers play across Louisiana in promoting the state’s broad prosperity, and proudly play a part in helping employees secure meaningful remedies when they suffer work-related injuries.

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