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Law For Cellphones in School Zones Still Not in Effect

A new law barring drivers from using cell phones while going through a school zone has gone into effect, but not without some issues. The law can only be enforced if a sign that warns drivers of the ban has been posted.

In East Baton Rough, officials are looking to create approximately 400 “no-cell-phone area” signs that will be posted around town. Once the signs are in place, it will be illegal to be on your cellphone while driving through a posted school zone. Anyone who fails to obey this new law will be fined up to $175.

Currently, the state of Louisiana does not allow anyone with a learner’s or intermediate license to use a handheld device. School bus drivers are also not permitted to use their phones. However, anyone who has had their license for quite some time is free to talk on their phone while driving.

In 2009, more than 2,200 accidents were attributed to cellphone use; although texting is banned, the use of a cellphone can still contribute to an accident. Drivers talking on a cellphone are four times more likely to be involved in a car accident.

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